Thin films as a service.

Our vacuum ovens are always ready to bake your samples with new surface changing features. We make new thin film recipes with atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique and do characterization of the samples with quick response times. We serve also scientific software and can satisfy your optical simulation needs.


Feasibility studies

Are you thinking of totally new nano-optical concepts or trying to figure out which thin film coating method would work the best for you?

We offer a full range of feasibility study services, from the scientific studies and simulations to cost calculations and market studies. We can also do quick experimenting at university facilities or together with our partners.

Thin film coatings

We are experts in atomic layer deposition (ALD) method and can help you with the solution development from lab to actual production either in shared facilities or in your own fab together with our partners. We can also help diagnosing your ALD tool problems or help designing a better one.

We are happy to hear about your surface science problems and will try to answer any questions we can.


Wondering the ingredients or features of your coatings? Want to see how your sample looks like in nanoscale? Interested in the surface structure and roughness? We can provide thin film characterization services for most of your needs.

We can do measurements for example with EDX, SEM, AFM, XRD, XRR, Ellipsometry, Spectrophotometry, and FTIR.

Scientific software

We can provide you scientific sofwtare solutions ranging from simple Excel-based calculators to hosted web applications. We know Excel VBA, scientific python, php, HTML5, javascript, java, C/C++, and will use the best tools for your purposes.

As a taster, please check our online thin film calculator, which was baked from fresh open source ingredients in about a workday's time.


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